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Ice-Melt, Water Treatment Salt, Pool Salt, and Feed Salt are all available in bagged or bulk options. You need salt? We have it. Browse Salt Products here and Contact us today for a free quote for delivery or pick-up options.
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As seen on Manufacturing Marvels, Chemical Equipment Labs is a worldwide supplier of treated and regular salt, brines, ice-melt products, solar salt, animal feed, pool salt, urea, and other chlorides.
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Chemical Equipment Labs can help you get any salt product needed whether globally or locally. Delivery is available in Truckload, Dump Truck, Pneumatic Tanker, or many other options. Contact us today for all shipping options.
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Chemical Equipment Labs

Family owned & operated since 1979

Chemical Equipment Labs is a worldwide supplier of all things salt. Products may be purchased in a variety of ways such as bulk, bagged, pellet or flake granular, tote, or tanker.

Pool salt

CEL Pool Salt

40 lb

Pool Salt is our fast acting, easy to use, and super efficient pool cleaner. With no stain causing additives and specially sized for fast and optimum dissolving, Pool Salt is an excellent choice for pool maintenance. This product removes the need to handle and store dangerous chlorine chemicals. It’s also an environmentally friendlier way to treat your pool.

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CEL Solar Salt

40 lb, 50 lb, 80 lb, 2000 lb super sack, Bulk

Solar Salt Premium Grade is screened, sodium chloride salt crystallized by solar evaporation. The crystalline salt is washed to remove surface impurities, drained of excess moisture, dried, and screened to size. Solar Salt Premium Grade is primarily intended for use in regenerating water softener ion-exchange resin in both household and commercial water softeners, and can be used effectively in most water softening units.

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CEL Softener Shield

40 lb, 50 lb, 80 lb

High Purity Solar Coarse Crystals is a solar coarse-grade salt formed by the natural evaporation of water by the wind and sun. The natural salt crystals possess a unique chemical quality and are sized for maximum percolation in water softening applications. High Purity Solar Coarse Crystals eliminates mushing, bridging, or channeling under normal conditions. High Purity Solar Coarse Crystals turns hard water soft resulting in cleaner water for drinking, bathing, and cleansing.

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Feed Mixing salt

CEL Feed Salt

50 lb, 80 lb, 2000 lb super sack, Bulk

CEL Feed Salt is agricultural grade and kiln dried solar salt milled and screened to our fine cut crystals. Typical salt purity is 99.8% with no additives and is intended for livestock feeding.

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Snow Shield White Ice Melt

Snow Shield White

50lb Bag

Snow Shield™ White Ice Melt is a proprietary formulation of Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, and Sodium Chloride. Snow Shield White is proven to work at lower temperatures while working to preserve vegetation.

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We are a global supplier of:

Highway Rock Salt • Solar Salt • Animal Feed Salt • Pool Salt • Pharmaceutical Grade Salt • Magnesium Chloride • Calcium Chloride • Potassium Chloride • Urea • Liquids for Ice-Melt

Specializing in salt.

Chemical Equipment Labs has developed a very unique network of suppliers and finished products to successfully fulfill your need. We have worked directly with industrial distributors, retailers, corporate end-users, private companies, chain stores, and sports stadiums over the years.

We provide both Solar Salt and Ice-Melt Salt in Bulk, as well as logistical support to see that your products arrive on time – every time!  Our salts are deep mined, solar evaporated, or surface evaporated from brine wells, and imported from worldwide sources.

A Chemical Equipment Labs Executive is available to speak with any interested parties regarding expansion, growth, opportunities and promising business relationships.

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